Nigerian Navy Ship prosperity rescues two drowning Ghanaian fishermen


The Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) PROSPERITY has rescued drowning Ghanaian fisherman in the blue waters.

The war ship sighted a man floating at sea on a yellow 20 litres gallon.    According to naval spokesman, Commodore Ayo-Vaughan, “Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) PROSPERITY while on patrol about 10 nautical miles (nm) North East of Dangote Quay on August 2, 2022, sighted a man floating at sea on a yellow 20 litres gallon.

“Accordingly, the ship altered course towards the position of the man and successfully recovered him. Subsequently, the rescued man revealed that a second person was involved. As such, the ship proceeded to the position of the second man and safely recovered him as well.

“Further investigations revealed that the rescued men were Ghanaian fishermen residing at Takwa Bay, Lagos. They went fishing on Sunday, July 31, 2022 but encountered a boat mishap at about 10pm same day.

“Sadly, two of them were said to have drowned before the remaining two were rescued by NNS PROSPERITY. The Nigerian Navy wishes to reiterate its commitment towards ensuring the security and safety of all seafarers in Nigeria’s maritime domain.”





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