Woman accuses Norland boss of sexual harassment

Lagos police boss
Lagos police boss
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•She is a blackmailer, says accused

August 27, 2020

The Lagos State Police Command has begun investigation into a case of sexual harassment against one of the coordinators of Norland Nigeria, Mr. Isaac Alocha popularly known as ‘Mayor of Norland’. 

  Norland Nigeria is Chinese affiliated company that offers Multi-Level Marketing Business in Nigeria built on curative Chinese Products, and compensation and benefits plan. 

  In a petition submitted to the police, the victim, simply known as Fortune, claimed that his Uncle who is also a registered investor with company introduced her to Norland Nigeria multi level marketing scheme. 

  She registered and invested the sum of N350,000, which was paid into the personal account of Isaac Alocha, a recognized team leader of Norland. 

  In the petition, Fortune alleged that Mayor of Norland was in the habit of making forceful, unpleasant and unacceptable sexual advances towards her. On one occasion, Alocha asked her to get ready to perform oral sex on him while describing his penis as “hotdog”. 

  Sometime ago, Alocha told her that he was coming to her house to drop some products. He then asked her if she had anything for him when he comes. Thinking that Alocha was referring to drinks or food, she told him she had nothing. He then told her she had ‘pussy’ to give him. The next thing he allegedly did was to send her his nude picture with full erection. He spoke to her saying unless he had sex with him, she could not grow up the ladder in the Norland sales scheme.

  It was gathered that the victim took the matter to the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT), Ministry of Justice but after reading the petition, the matter was transferred to Lagos State Police Command for investigation. 

  In the referral letter to the state Commissioner of Police dated August 20, 2020, the Coordinator of DSVRT, Titilola Vivour Adeniyi said, “ We refer Miss Fortune Akhuetic to your office for your kind assistance. Miss Fortune alleged that one Mr. Isaac Alocha (Mayor of Norland) has been in the habit of making unpleasant and unwarranted sexual advances towards her. She lives in fear of being sexually assaulted. This is a case of sexual harassment, threat to life and assault occasioning harm, contrary to the criminal law of Lagos State 2015. Being a criminal allegation, the intervention of the police is needed in ensuring that the case is investigated and justice is served”. 

  When contacted, the man in the eye of the storm, Alocha through a voice note alleged that Fortune decided to drag him in the mud when she failed in her attempt to blackmail him. 

  “Thank you very much for getting back to me to find out the truth. Fortune never worked for me or worked with me. I am a network marketing professional and somebody he claimed to be his uncle who is also a partner with me registered her in the business. She tried as much as she can to draw close to me, which did not happen. While she was trying to draw close to me, she started demanding for one money or the other and I tried my best to give her through transfer or in cash.

  “In trying to help her in the business, most times she would chat me up in the midnight. She has called me personally in the midnight naked a lot of times. She tried to invite me over to her place, which I did not come. I have evidences of all these things that I am telling you. I never went to her, in one of the video calls that we made, I discovered that she screenshot my picture because of the ulterior motive that she had and since then she has tried to use it to blackmail my person. She and whoever that is behind her. I have told her that she is not a minor, she is above 18 and I did not touch or come close to her. She only called me on video, she was also naked, when she called me, for her to now turn around and screenshot my own and carry my picture and send to different persons in an attempt to blackmail me, I told her it is cheap blackmail and it is a criminal offense.

  “I have briefed my lawyer before now, but I decided to overlook it but it is like they are not giving up. After I discovered that she is into blackmailing, I heard it from some of my partners that she tried to drag them but, one said he also calls them in the midnight. I discovered that is the way she has been living her life by trying to lure men and blackmail them. I will send you one of the evidences.”

  As promised, he sent a 2-minutes record where a group of men were debating the personality of the woman. Most of them alleged that she had tried in the past to lure them, but they refused to give into her advances.          

  Confirming receipt of the petition, Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu said that the matter had been transferred to Gender section at the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba for further investigation.


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