UN Bomb: Ekhomu cautions against terrorists attack on government facilities

Dr. Ekhomu
Dr. Ekhomu
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August 27, 2020|RAZORNEWS

Security expert and private intelligence operator, Dr. Ona Ekhomu has advised the Federal and State governments to conduct annual detailed vulnerability assessments of government buildings, critical infrastructures and other facilities to prevent destruction by terrorists. 

  He said that with the growing specter of jihadi extremism in the country including Boko Haram, the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Sahelian Jihadis, amongst others, the threat was rising and not diminishing

  Speaking on the 9th anniversary of the destruction of the United Nations (UN) House in Abuja by a suicide car bomb on August 26, 2011, Ekhomu who is President of the Association of Industrial Security and Safety Operators of Nigeria said that the terrorists were likely to target Federal and state government facilities in order to cause shock and fear among Nigerian citizens. He advised the government to take proactive steps in preventing terrorist attacks by conducting vulnerability assessments 

  He urged the government to use either the Carver Method or the VSAT method of vulnerability assessment as they were sufficiently robust to expose loopholes or windows of opportunities that could be exploited by terrorists to attack critical national assets and infrastructure

  Ekhomu said that the attack on the United Nations building could have been averted if the UN had conducted vulnerability assessments, especially since they got intelligence of the impending attack in Nigeria 

  Dr. Ekhomu, who is the first Chartered Security Professional in Nigeria said that in August 2011, Boko Haram was still in its infancy, having only succeeded in attacking the Nigeria Police Force headquarters building on June 16,  2011. He said that Boko Haram was now a terrorist monstrosity,  which is aided by groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Sahelian Jihad groups, and others intent on destroying Nigeria. “The threat to Nigeria government facilities has multiplied in geometric proportions”, he added.

  He advised the government to hire security experts and consultants to design protocols for vulnerability assessments. He said that using government security agents who do not possess requisite security credentials, experience and pedigree will be a waste of time as they may not have the appropriate technical skill set to do the job.

  He said that Nigeria boasts of holders of security certifications who are equipped with skills, knowledge and capabilities of conducting risk assessments, criticality assessments and vulnerability assessments. This is the skill set that must be deployed to robustly protect assets of the Federal government.

  Dr. Ekhomu prayed for the repose of the souls of over 50,000 persons killed in Boko Haram extremist violence since the inception of the Jihad in July 2009. He referred to his new book titled Boko Haram: Security Considerations and the Rise of an Insurgency as a veritable roadmap for combating violent extremism in Nigeria and other African countries.


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