Tech titan, Mmobuosi hails resilient spirit of continent to mark Africa Day


Global Tech icon, Dozy Mmobuosi has hailed the resilient spirit of continent in commemoration of Africa Day celebration.

The entrepreneur on his verified Instagram page, noted that Africa’s strength as a global community lies in the unity of its diversity.

According to him, “Today, as we commemorate Africa Day, we honor the resilience, resourcefulness, and relentless spirit of a continent steeped in rich history and diverse cultures. We are reminded that our strength as a global community lies in the unity of our diversity.

“Africa’s entrepreneurial spirit and rapidly growing markets present opportunities for shared prosperity that transcend borders. Our interconnectedness, now more than ever, urges us to contribute to sustainable growth and development across the continent.

“As we remember the founding principles of the African Union, we are inspired to foster partnerships that empower local economies, foster innovation, and promote inclusive growth.

“On this Africa Day, let’s recommit ourselves to the journey of crafting a future where every African citizen, every business, every innovator is provided with the platform to thrive.”


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