Tech Guru, Mmobuosi Visits Former President of Malawi


Global tech icon, Dozy Mmobuosi has visited former President of Malawi, Dr. Bakili Muluzi as part of his effort to build bridges across African business landscape.

Mmobuosi, who disclosed his visit via his verified Instagram page noted that, “Yesterday, I had the honour and privilege of spending time with His Excellency Dr. Bakili Muluzi, the Former President of Malawi. This meeting wasn’t simply an encounter, but a masterclass in leadership from a man who stood at the helm of Malawi’s transformation into a multi-party democracy.

“We explored the complexities of climate change, an issue underscored by the recent devastation of Cyclone Freddy in Malawi. The global implications of such a disaster cannot be overstated, and it reminds us of the pressing need for sustainable action.

“His Excellency Dr. Muluzi also provided an insight into the potential areas that could drive socio-economic growth within Malawi. Understanding these areas is not just about investment, it is about empowering a nation to unleash its full potential.

“Deeply moved by his vision and unwavering dedication to his country, I made a commitment to support Malawi’s development journey.

“The power of leadership, resilience, and collaboration was a key takeaway from our conversation.”


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