PSC dismisses seven senior police officers, 10 others gets reduction in rank   

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The Police Service Commission (PSC) has approved the dismissal of seven senior Police Officers over gross misconduct.

Although the names of the dismissed officers were not provided, the Commission also approved the reduction in rank of ten other officers.

According to PSC spokesman, Ikechukwu Ani, the decisions were taken at the on-going fifteenth Plenary Meeting of the Commission expected to end on Thursday.

“The dismissed Officers were, one Chief Superintendent of Police, a Superintendent of Police and five Assistant Superintendents of Police, while a Superintendent of Police was also retired in public interest.

“The Commission’s Plenary Meeting presided over by retired Justice Clara Ogunbiyi, JSC considered all the Pending Disciplinary Matters before the Commission totalling forty-seven and also treated some appeals from dismissed Police Officers.

“The Commission reduced the ranks of one Chief Superintendent of Police to Superintendent of Police, three Superintendents of Police to Deputy Superintendents of Police, and two Deputy Superintendents of Police to Assistant Superintendents of Police.

The Commission further reduced the ranks of four Assistant Superintendents of Police to Inspectors.”

Ani added, “ten senior Police Officers, including an Assistant Commissioner, a Chief Superintendent, a Superintendent and two Deputy Superintendents were given the punishment of Severe reprimand, while Five Assistant Superintendents were also awarded the punishment of severe reprimand.

“Thirteen Officers received the punishment of reprimand; two are to receive letters of warning while four officers were exonerated.

The Commission would henceforth give the desired attention to Pending Disciplinary Matters so those found guilty are punished immediately while those found not guilty are cleared to continue with their career progression.”

Justice Ogunbiyi called on Police Officers to ensure they operate within established rules and avoid taking laws into their hands.

She said the Commission would continue to work to sustain a professional Police Force that operates in line with the established rules and regulations and in conformity with international best practices



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