Police declare woman sucking baby’s manhood in viral video wanted

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The Nigeria Police has declared a lady seen in a video sucking a baby’s manhood in a 29 minutes video wanted.
The information was released on the Twitter handle of the Police Complaint Unit.

According to the Police, anyone with useful information concerning the lady should immediately alert the nearest Police.
In the 29 minutes video, the lady was bent over a naked baby boy lying supine and repeatedly suckling on his manhood.
It could not be established whether she was the mother of the baby.
This came on the heels of the arrest of 23-year-old undergraduate of the Lagos State University, Adeyeye Oluwatosin Babtunde, seen on a viral video kissing his three-year-old step sister, like he was kissing an adult lover.
The Lagos State Police Command on Friday stated that Babtunde had been handed over to the State Criminal Investigations Department, Panti, Yaba for prosecution.

The declaration of the lady wanted has caused Twitter to be on fire, with many urging the police not to overlook the fact that male children are also being sexually violated by females.
Nwanyi Ohafia@ugybabe2020, while expressing her views, said: “No woman born by a woman will not condemn this disgusting act. If that girl is a Nigerian, they should put her behind bar and swallow the key. They should take the baby away from if that is her baby.”
Nwaikuku@nnadi_ebere stated: “Please do everything in your power to ensure that sick lady is found and put in her place.”
Billionaire Ambition@King_Dagabkins said: “When female cries out, they get justice most times when raped but reverse is the case for male. A colleague of mine was raped by two ladies in 100Level, he only shared with some of us. He said the funniest part he was threatened with a knife.”
Nwa 042@costinho07, recalled: “I had a similar experience growing up but I was a little older though… At the time I didn’t know what was up, but later in life I came to understand. This particular sister would carry me into the bathroom and be putting my fingers in her thing, I’ve never shared this with no-one.”

Anonymous@RealAnonNG, also had something to say: “This also happened to many of my friends and I hope we don’t neglect the male child and look just after the female child, because a male is only vulnerable when young and while the other gender is vulnerable when young and old.”
According to Jem Greaves@greaves_jem: “That’s disgusting, that poor child can’t even defend himself, this is going to change his whole possible life regardless of his age. I hope that his mother want the one doing or recording the act, these two people deserve maximum jail time they give to pedophiles.”
John Segun@Oguntola_Jnr, said: “Some weak ones grow up to become a sex addict who can’t control themselves, they see it as normal. Those are the ones that forcibly take advantage of ladies. I feel the female gender need to do better.”
Abimbola Edu@Abimbola_coal, prayed that the lady in the video would be caught and dealt with.

Source: The Eagle online


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