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Great Nigeria, a nation of bliss, a nation rich in fertility, blessed with abundance and peacefulness; we are indeed a giant of Africa

By Cos-lewis

Proudly as a nation let’s look back on all we have encountered on our route to get us standing here proudly at 60. From terrorism to kidnapping, political wars to ethnic crises, treasury looting to financial crimes. Bacterias like bribery and corruption seem to have eaten deeply into her cores. Her skins still suffer scars borne from fangs of unmet promises by same political leaders soon caught with looted treasury after their eviction from offices the deprived masses elected them into with their PVCs.

There is no doubt some questions remain lurking in the minds of Nigerians. Reflections such as, are we as a nation where we ought to be? Is the present situation in our economy tantamount to the selfless sacrifices our great Patriots had to make? Can we say our political structures have engineered us politically to a platform of economic success? Are our leaders worthy of the offices they occupy? Or say nigerians have benefitted or are benefactors of the national cake baked from our endowed rich resources?

The ground is green with innovative youths constantly mislead to be the leaders of tomorrow but are deprived of tomorrow. At 60, O Nigeria! we hail thee! Green land with bountiful harvest in humans and natural resources.

Your struggles have made you wiser, your unity have made you stronger, you’re indeed unified in diversity. No matter what comes our way in forms of terrorism, ethnic struggles, corruption and political crisis.

In unity we shall pray in steadfastness for a better tomorrow.

– 22 years old Cos-Lewis wrote from Abuja –


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