Lugbe, Abuja’s densely populated town in dire need of good roads


Lugbe town sits on the south west of the city centre. The area is one of the slightly affordable districts in Abuja and it is fully an integral part of the seat of power.

Lugbe is nearer to Life Camp, Jabi, Dakibiyu and Wuye to the north east. Galadimawa, Lokogoma and popular Games Vlllage lie to the east while Kuje sits to the west.

Abuja’s Airport Road passes through the area leading on to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. From Lugbe, the airport can be reached in about 15 minutes.

The need for better-planned housing in the city, reportedly led to this district being absorbed into a newly created phase 5 of the Federal Capital City (FCC) Abuja.

However, the district is in dire need of good roads and better flood management system and so on.

Some of the access roads are in deplorable condition.

During rainy season, residents of Trademore estate, Federal housing in Lugbe area count the losses in human lives and property.

Residents of the Trademore Estate in Lugbe are still counting their losses following a fierce flood disaster that ravaged the estate in September 2021.

The community was continually enmeshed in flood after heavy rains in August and September.

The flood episode that occurred in September had several houses and vehicles ravaged.

A resident disclosed that four dead bodies were recovered in one of the incidents.

The residents disclosed that the estate is usually ravaged by flood during rainy seasons, though the impact of the last September incident was the most disastrous in the last one-decade.

In a particular occurrence, one of the victims reportedly was in his vehicle after buying drugs from the medicine store.

He was said to have sat in his car hoping that the water level would subside but the water eventually just took him and his new Land Rover.

To any resident of the area, flood is most dread and government is said to be paying less attention to it.

Despite the fact that the district hosts the Novare Gateway Mall, Voice of Nigeria Transmission Station (VON), Nigerian Biotechnology Agency (NABDA) and National Space Research and Development Agency (NARSDA) amongst others, access roads to estates and residential areas in the town are in a state disrepair.

It also hosts Abuja’s Federal Housing Authority (FHA) estates. These estates primarily cater for middle-level income earners. Expensive private estates also abound in the area.

However, residents of the estate spend at least 2-hours after the day’s work in traffic orchestrated by collapsed road infrastructure.

Some of them patronize auto repairers almost every week due to the damages caused by poor condition of the roads in the area.

A first-timer to Abuja would doubt if areas like Federal Housing Authority (FHA) estates, Aco estate, Car wash, Police sign board, Kapua in Lugbe are part of the FCT.

Besides, the poor road infrastructure in the area poses grave danger to security as police find it difficult to navigate in times of distress calls.


Source: The Guardian







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