Legendary newsman, Azuh Amatus unveils Nollywood media, research centre

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July 20, 2020

Award-winning journalist Azuh Amatus has unveiled Nollywood Media and Research Centre, (www.nomarec.com), a new information resource to provide media-driven and in-depth research on Nollywood, its practitioners and various publics.

According to a statement on Sunday by Azuh, NOMAREC serves as a rendezvous for journalists, filmmakers, professionals, scholars, researchers, film writers, students, entertainment enthusiasts, agencies and stakeholders within and outside Nigeria to virtually access media-related and industry data on Nollywood.

Azuh also said NOMAREC is a one-stop virtual shop for reliable media contents and information on Nollywood.
With over two decades of experience in journalism, Azuh further stated that NOMAREC is basically out to help expand the frontiers of Nollywood by assisting individuals, corporate bodies, and government agencies to conduct media-related researches on Nollywood and its various publics with ease and adherence to global best practices.

“We also release up to date reports, news, features, analyses and general information on Nollywood. We organise periodic trainings and seminars for entertainment journalists covering Nollywood. At the centre, we also facilitate meetings and interactions among Nollywood stars, stakeholders and those seeking to engage them professionally,” he said.
“We offer professional media advice on Nollywood matters to interested publics. As part of our engagements too, we organise and facilitate press/media conferences, red carpet sessions and location visits for those seeking such services in Nollywood. Above all, we consult for most Nollywood stars and the various publics seeking their services and endorsements.”

“We are equally proud of our core values, which are robust media contents, strong Nollywood background, reliable information and deep research,” Azuh who is also the publisher and editor-in-chief of leading online newspaper, Daylightng, added.


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