Kontagora needs responsible leadership to drive community development, says Izegbu

Astute Delta politician and businessman, Laurence Izegbu, has said the throne of Kontagora requires responsible leadership that would pilot its affairs through the next phase of history.
        He said political and traditional positions are no longer handed out via manipulative tendencies, but are predicated on experience in core values like management and leadership skills.
          Izegbu stressed that Nigeria’s major challenges emanate from the local communities, who suffer the impact of poor leadership the most.
     He said banditry are easier organised and perpetrated at the local council level for this very reason.
     The business man said to eradicate banditry and give the energetic youths their rightful place in the scheme of things, Nigeria must learn to embrace dynamic leaders rightfully chosen and installed on traditional stools.
         He said to this end, the ascension of the 7th Sarkin Sudan of Kontagora is critical, while tipping Muhammadu Barau Muazu as the most qualified, both by age and techniques, to deliver the dividends of responsible leadership to the indomitable emirate of Kontagora.
         Izegbu said Muazu, who is the Chairman/Group Managing Director of Salwa Group of Companies and abreast with global negotiation skills, leadership engineering and multifaceted skill-set will  bring development and transformation to his community.
         “Right from its precolonial days, Kontagora as a town and emirate located along the south bank of the Kontagora River in Niger State has been noted for the courage and determination of its inhabitants. Muazu who hails from the royal house of late Muazu Ibrahim of Niger State can be well defined as a concrete exemplification of this valour that generally characterises the people of Kontagora,” he said.
     Izegbu said Muazu’s grandfather, Alhaji Muazu Ibrahim enjoyed a successful reign as the 5th Emir of Kontagora from 1961 to 1974, adding that Muazu is capable of piloting the affairs of the community.
        “Muazu runs a trading company that deals in procurement, construction and oil and gas. He is also a board member of a prestigious construction firm in Istanbul, Turkey.  In addition, he is a representative of the interests of several international conglomerates here in Nigeria – a position which affords him the rare privilege of changing the employment and revenue statistics of Kontagora forever.
      “He is a product of multiple seminars on innovation and leadership organized in Europe, the Middle East and around Africa. It is this voracious quest for knowledge that has flown Muhammadu into almost all the OECD and BRICS nations. His eyes are also set upon expanding into the frontiers of agriculture in a bid to empower families without skills with profitable engagements,” he added.


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