Banks adjust closing hours over security concerns


Security concerns have triggered an adjustment in official operating time of United Bank of Africa (UBA) and Access Bank.

In a separate email and social media messages to their customers, the two banks cited different reasons behind the move, including insecurity amongst others.

The decision may likely increase the long queues often experienced in ATM points.

The bank in a notification titled Adjusted Closing Time for Select Branches to its esteemed customers contains the list of the branches and the states where they operate.

Access bank urged its customers to consider processing most of their transactions via its digital channels, Access Bank stated: “You can simply process most of your transactions via our digital channels, as a few of our Access Bank branches nationwide will be closed at 3.p.m from August 29, 2022. “Other branches will be open as usual from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and we promise to keep customers informed as it made the changes.”

For UBA, the bank stated in a notification on Thursday, September 1, 2022 to customers that it was adjusting working hours in some of its branches to ensure the well being of employees and customers alike.

The statement titled ‘Notice of Bank Closure’ reads: “Please be informed that some of our branches will now close earlier for the safety of our customers and employees. Our digital channels will remain available to you 24/7.”

It was speculated that the bank’s action was due to terrorism threats, by a top source in the global bank said, “It was not because of terrorism, it was for security reasons.”



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