Alleged sexual harassment: Counsels to Mayor of Norland says petitioner is ‘a gold digger’

Lagos police boss
Lagos police boss
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August 28, 2020|RAZOENEWS

By Our Reporter

Cousels to Prince Isaac Alocha AKA ‘Mayor of Norland’ who was recently accused by one Ms Fortune Akhuetie of sexually harassing her, have described her as “a gold digger” with an intent to scam Alocha and ultimately tarnish his hard-earned image and family life.

In a letter to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State dated August 24, 2020, (a copy of which was made available to Alocha’s lawyers from Ngwu, Oyedokun and Associates, Lagos, called for thorough investigation to unravel the “pay masters” and brain behind what they called the “pull him down project against Prince Isaac Alocha, a fast rising marketer.”

The lawyers who were reacting to a petition written on behalf of Akhuetie by a legal firm, to the police commissioner on August 20, 2020 alleging sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advanced towards the lady by Alocha, dismissed the allegation as false and unfounded.

According to the lawyers, Alocha “is a happily married man with three male children and by nature of his business as a network marketer exposed to both male and female persons who in the cause of coopting them into business get into one form of relationship which could be business or sometimes social as the case may be.”

They contended that the said Ms Fortune Akhuetie had come into contact with Alocha in the course of same business and both parties became friends “as long as no physical contact, force or pressure is involved, overtures or advances are preliminary styles for which relationship between male and female are depressed.”

“It is also on record that Akhuetie has no alleged element or force of trespass on any part of her body by physical contact of Alocha whose crime was that he nearly fell for the scam where desperate ladies will request video calls from an opposite sex without the party’s awareness of being recorded and thereafter turn same into a meal ticket for extortion through blackmail or threat of publication as in this case with the sole aim of gaining some financial gratification.”

Given the high level of publicity accorded to the allegation by some online publishers who did not verify the authenticity of the allegation, Alocha’s lawyers have expressed disappointment with the un-professionalism exhibited in the circumstance without being mindful of sensitive nature of the allegation.

According to the lawyers, “it is therefore our client’s resolve to get to the root of this matter by resorting to the instrumentality of the law to protect his hard earned reputation with further assurance to seek redress on every libelous publication at the instance of the said Ms Fortune Akhuetie and her sponsors in a civil court.”

The lawyers pointed out that Alocha, as a result of the publicity given to the unfounded sexual harassment by the media, has lost patronage and goodwill from friends and business associates who were disturbed by the said publication.

It will be recalled that based on a sexual harassment, petition sent by the legal firm of F.T. Ibadan Associates to the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) over an alleged sexual harassment of a lady; Ms Fortune Akhuetie by her marketing boss; Prince Isaac Alocha who goes with the status of Mayor of Norland, the government agency asked the Lagos State Police to take over the matter as the allegation borders on criminality.

A police source disclosed that the matter has been transferred to the Gender Section of the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti Lagos for further investigation.


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