14 kidnapped Greenfield University students released after 39 days in captivity

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Fourteen students of Greenfield University in Kaduna State who were among about 20 kidnapped on April 20 have been released.

They were released on Saturday afternoon at a location along the Kaduna-Abuja highway, Channels TV reports.

The police and state government have not confirmed their release, however, it was reported that the chairman of the parents’ forum Markus Zarmai and few others were expected to receive the students at the drop-off location.

Some parents confirmed to the broadcaster that they paid ransom and provided eight new motorcycles to the kidnappers in exchange for their children.

Five of the abducted students were killed on separate days as the kidnappers tried to force the government to move speedily on paying ransom.

It was reported that one abducted student who is the son of an ex-military officer was freed after ransom was paid.

The Kaduna State Government amid the chaos maintained its stance against paying ransom.


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