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The general definition of Wars are given such as ‘ a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country’.
It also can be described as a Warfare or CAMPAIGN over the months or years.

Wars also can be fought for various reasons, such as political, economic, stagnation or poverty. There is also the ‘Proxy Wars’, where opposite sides used third parties as substitutes for fighting the other persons .

Recently, l stumbled upon an exchange between Azuka Jebose and one of his followers before the wool fell off her eyes . She had the audacity and the temerity to ask him ‘why is he waging an endless war against an ‘Honourable Man’ such as Prince Ned Nwoko? Blasphemy, how dare anyone call Prince Ned Nwoko Honourable on his page? He went on to release all the expletives from hell on this innocent woman, and perhaps a mother and somebody’s wife for daring to do the unbelievable. Shocked and terribly afraid of his outburst , the woman tried to explain that all she was trying to say is for the retired journalist to find ways at reaching out to Prince Ned Nwoko, or his representatives to settle the rift as this isn’t a good narratives about us as Nigerians, or our image as the entire world are on Facebook and might be defamatory and a big issue in court if he is unable to defend his allegations in court.

The man went into somersault as he stoned the woman with more caustic invectives and the woman apologized. The man didn’t even allow her finish, his words were ‘ get your fucking ass off my page’. What a role model!.

And as usual, Azuka deleted this innocent woman. That really is Azuka Jebose’s trade mark. You can’t have a divergent opinion contrary to that of Jebose, you will be gone, deleted .

For some times, l have tried not to respond to Azuka Jebose’s false narratives on the war of attrition going on in Idumuje Ugboko as it relates to my friend Prince Ned Nwoko. Azuka has sustained his senseless campaign against an innocent man, a campaign of calumny. ‘Dada is a Yoruba name, and in a Yoruba adage, Dada may not be a fighter, but he has many brothers , who can pick up his wars for him. Such is the case of Prince Ned Nwoko who has many people who can fight his battles and will go to war for him, but he has maintained a dignified silence in the face of Azuka’s thoughtless attacks.

Perhaps what has drawn me out of my matured silence is Azuka’s posting on Moji Danisa’s page, where he called me an ‘Agent’. Also going forward to making a mockery of Prince Ned Nwoko’s lives achievements as a ‘Billionaire, a philanthropist, an accomplished international lawyer , the only black man that went to Antarctica’, a dirty joke gone too far.
Unfortunately, the self acclaimed ‘mad man’, has been blinded by his rage of hatred that it’s either his pay masters haven’t told him the truth about the man he is fighting, or he has choosen not to read to find out about his Proxy Wars against the Honourable Prince Ned Nwoko; but thank God for Google, create yourself sometime and find out to know that your yes, or no doesn’t really matter . Prince Ned Nwoko is an achiever who is known around the world as a Business Man, a Philanthropist, and the First Black man to visit the antatica. He is indeed a Nigerian National Treasure that needs to be further encouraged by all men of goodwill.

You have consistently fed the world with tales of hatred about a man who goes about doing good, but your judgement days are here : You also dared to dabble into Prince Ned Nwoko’s matrimonial Affairs Azuka, who made you a Judge or a moral equalizer? Have you truly searched yourself and know the worth’s of your diminishing attacks over one that has maintained a cautious silence ?
Do you realize that Prince Ned Nwoko is a Muslim and can marry as much as the number of wives he chooses to marry if he is able to look after them?

You called him a ritualist , how? That he was truthful enough to tell the world he only marries virgins because of his pious religious belief should be encouraged and not condemned or criminalised .Prince Ned Nwoko loves his wives and he is a wonderful father to all his children.
It shows really how blinded you are with jealousy or hatred, otherwise you would have known that it is the pride of any family when their daughters are married off as virgins.

In some Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia or Iran and our African neighbors such as Egypt , Morocco, Algeria and mostly practising Moslems, there is a prize whose cost is more weighty than gold when your daughter is known by her husband on their first night .
Also, as serious as the disappointment maybe, some parents out of rage have been reported to have gone as far as killing their Daughters, or even going on all out Wars family that has failed after promising them a new daughter.

These are also sighted in the Christian Bible and deep in the Koran. In the Bible, you must have read or told about Mary mother of Our Lord Jesus who her betrothed husband Joseph almost separated from because she got pregnant as he had not known her. It took the intervention of an Angel to come and explain to him of the holy conception .

Would you have been proud that Prince Ned Nwoko went about defiling young girls and breaking their hearts with his money ? Men like Prince Ned Nwoko needs to be encouraged. He saw a young maiden and choose to marry her rather than messing around with her . It is his inclination, his right of choice to marry a virgin wife, and most importantly in accordance with his moslem faith .

Have you ever wondered why parents don’t give too much fuss over their Male young adults , but wants to know every second where their teenage Daughter’s are? Chastity is the proud power of cleanliness and perfection that parents robs as powders on their daughters wedding day . It is the mouth that the happy father uses to speak with as he demands from the families of the in-coming son-in-law for that outrageous bride price.

Parents are to be encouraged to ask for their female wards to remain complete, as the more our young girls practices Chastity, the better our nation is saved from unwanted pregnancies and abortions and even untimely deaths from such abortions.

That Prince Ned Nwoko is proud to announce to the world that he married his very beautiful wife as a virgin should be something to cheer about , and a thing for other young ladies to emulate. It doesn’t deserve the insults Azuka Jebose has pilled up in his usual malfeasance . Or could it be perhaps because Azuka Jebose is out of his many lies against the Honourable Prince Ned Nwoko? Has the cookie begin to crumble that he has no more lies to sell that he now begins to attack Prince Ned Nwoko’s marriage ? Perhaps, it’s not yet evening time and its just a short walk to Azuka’s gate of Shame. Oh, l hope you have been served with your court summons? Judgement day awaits you in the Nigerian law courts. Hushpuppy thought operating from Dubai was a safe heaven , but there’s no hiding place for anyone who goes breaking the laws, no matter anywhere he resides under the earth’s sun. There are also Hush journalists who needs to be taught some lessons in law, get ready .


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