UBA Rewards Customers With Millions Of Naira For Using Bumper Savings Account

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Leading pan-African financial institution, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc. is rewarding its customers with millions of Naira for saving up to N5,000 in its Bumper Account every month.

For those who don’t know, this is the Bank’s effort to promote saving culture necessary for capital accumulation and investments in the Nigerian economy.

Interestingly, UBA, recently rewarded Mr. Ambrose Osita, Mr. Saheed Adesina and Mr. Adewumi Olaniyi with N2 million, N1.2 million and N500,000 respectively for subscribing to its Bumper Savings Account (BSA).

The Bank also rewarded 20 holders of the bumper account with N100,000 each.

Besides, 23 persons emerged the lucky winners of the September edition of the bumper monthly draw and the winners were selected in a transparent manner under the supervision of the representatives of Nigeria Lottery Regulatory Commission.

However, Team Lead of the BSA, Mr. Babatunde Ajayi, disclosed that; “Every Nigerian who holds a bumper account stands the chance to win big every month. We intend to produce two millionaires every month in its bid to motivate Nigerians to embrace saving culture.”

“We want a situation whereby customers will save, get interests on their savings and also win prizes for savings so that there will be an extra value added to them. That is the idea behind it.”

“A prospective customer is required to save up to N5,000 in his or her bumper account every month to qualify for the monthly draw. The more one saves the more his/her chances of winning the prize.”


“Nigerians have seen the way it happened live today. So all they need to do is to open an account. We have made it to be very simple by dialing 91920# to get started. Those with existing saving account can dial 91920*1# to migrate their existing savings account to the BSA. This will enable them to enjoy the benefits.”

“The good thing about the BSA is that it permits its holders to withdraw money and do transactions from their accounts as long as they retain a minimum balance of N5000 every month.”



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