Tribute To Ugo Ahaba, Chief Uche Okpuno, By Sir Chika Chiejine

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May 13, 2020

Ogbueshi Uche Okpuno. (Chalu-Uke ) Ugo Ahaba. !
My brother and friend ‘Uche’, as I would fondly call you .It has been four clear months since this rude news of your dramatic and sudden exit . I am yet to come to terms with the reality that I would not see you again .

No more banters , extensive golf travels & holidays, jami -jami, instant disputes, arguments and quarrels. Some times protracted disagreements all in the bid to express genuine brotherly love for one another. At the end of it all, you will always end up calling me -Chico , you are my junior brother! And when I attempt to protest, you would always bring out a wag of naira notes – saying humorously- go to the market and buy the one year age difference. On November 30, 2019 , You ordered that I must attend your 30-year wedding anniversary to your lovely wife, Augusta. My sister and indeed my wife’s close confidant. That night, me and Lucky Omoluwa shared our special “whisky on the rocks” with you and reminded ourselves of our early days on Edgware road 20years ago. Hmmm. Hey ! two of you have flown away from Mother Earth.

Uche Okpuno was an
enigma. He was a pot of honey and bees always found solace. He was there for everybody and no matter the challenge or circumstances, was always willing to help . No wonder his home was always a Mecca of sort. He had a way to win with all. But for this unexpected death, I have always known him as a man who could fix anything. Ugo ! Was a great man with a large and generous heart .
Chairman – we are all still here – seated in the smaller setting and bar, but your favorite space on the right hand corner of the settee is vacant and yet we can feel your dominant presence everywhere.

My brother Uche, you were indeed a sincere, kind and loving friend and our relationship that span a better part of 27 years can never be forgotten . Faith – my wife & all the children will never forget your central role in their Affairs. TODAY , The 13th day of June, against all odds, we have all gathered at your water front home to bid you farewell . I know you are in the Bosom of Lord Jesus Christ.We will continue to have you in our hearts. Rest In perfect Peace my brother and friend .

Sir Chika Dada Chiejina wrote from Asaba.


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