Tribute to Late Journalist, Hugo Odiogor, By Nobert Chiazor

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I love bohemian journalism.I am not a melancholy writer.I have strong aversion for dirges.Death tales deadens my muse.Crusading press is fascinating to me,but not to the extreme limits of the macabre and the ugly.

This explains why I prefer Charles Dickens to Joseph Conrad.Two great neoclassic writers.I am ever charmed by Dickens”Great Expectations “and “Oliver Twist”all themes of hope.But dampened by Conrad’s”Heart of Darkness”and “The Secret Agent” depicting depression of the human spirit. Maybe I follow Dickens because he was a journalist.

So sad uploading the eerie picture of Hugo Odiogor!
One of Nigeria’s best known journalists is no more.Anioma has lost one of her finest writers.Onicha-Ugbo missed a man!

I remember…..

Hugo,ex Guardian and Vanguard wordsmith was the team leader of my hood – Anioma Media professionals.AMP amplified Delta North Agenda to the loudest volume,rallying Senator Ifeanyi Okowa to historic victory 2015. Again,Hugo was our official mascot in Equity 2019.

When Hugo was not on the keypad writing,we toured round Delta distributing “Okowa branded Water”at riotous campaign grounds.

I would have loved an Ode to Hugo on his birthday.Not heart wrenching eulogy.

Hugo hmmmmm.

Norbert Chiazor


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