Transworld security, chairman sweep awards at 2023 Securex West Africa Conference

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For Transworld Security, its subsidiary the School of Management and Security (SMS) and Chairman, Dr Dame Victoria Ekhomu, the just completed SECUREX West Africa Conference and Exhibition 2023 was an exhilarating outing.

The company won three OSPAs awards at a go.

Speaking on the feat, spokesperson of Transworld, Tope Austin said, it was a rapturous applause each time they were called up the platform to receive each award.

“It was such a glorious spectacle. Transworld Security Systems Limited won the Award for Outstanding Contract Security Guarding Company. Transworld was one of the very first private security companies to be registered in Nigeria.

“It was founded in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in the United States in 1980 and later in December of the same year it was registered in Nigeria. Founded by the renowned Security Expert, Dr. Ona Ekhomu, Transworld blazed the trail in security systems installation and maintenance, guard services, journey management and security and management training.

“It attests to the resilience of the company built on a solid foundation that almost two years after the passing of the founder, the company is conquering new grounds and delving into new frontiers. It now has offices in Port Harcourt, Kano, Benin City and Abuja in addition to the iconic 5-story owned head office on Lagos Island.
“Apart from very professional guard services, the company provides ancillary complimentary services like dog handling (K-9), installation of CCTV and other surveillance systems as well as the supply, installation and maintenance of access control, time and attendance technology systems as well as secure journey management.

“Its clientele spans banking, Oil & Gas, Schools, ultra-modern bus terminals, manufacturing firms, housing estates, power sector players, health sector, residences and company offices etc. It also provides consultancy services as well and background checks/vetting, investigation.

“With such a diverse service offering and professional and ethical guard force across many geopolitical zones of the country, it is no wonder the organisers decided to select Transworld Security Systems Limited for the Outstanding Contract Security Guarding Company award 2023.

“The School of Management and Security (SMS) is a subsidiary of Transworld Security Systems Limited. It situated at 10 Turton Street and occupies two floors of the Transworld Towers. It is renowned for security training and management. It runs short courses and long courses covering a wide field of professional and management learning as well as its giant focus on professional training and International Certification.

“The school trains security professionals of various cadres to qualify for and get certified to the awards of Certified Protection Officer (CPO) and Certified Protection Professional (CPP). These are qualifications recognized worldwide and is awarded by the International Federation for Protection Officers (IFPO) in Naples, Florida USA.

“The Training was classroom based but, in response to the dictates of the covid19 pandemic, the SMS innovated by going online. Today it runs a dual scheme of online remote classes as well as inpperson classroom teaching. It has graduated more than two thousand graduates more than 95% of whom passed the requisite international examinations and got certified to the level of CPO and a few CPPs.

“This domestication of the international certifications has brought professionalism to the door steps of many who would not have been able to get certified. It has opened doors to employment for veterans settling into civilian life after service in the armed forces and such ones are playing a huge role as Chief Security Officers in banks, multinational businesses and other serious organisations.

“It was no surprise that the School of Management and Security got the deserved award for Outstanding Security Training Initiative 2023.

It was just a crown on the jewel that Dr. (Dame) Mrs. Victoria Ekhomu herself was conferred with the well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award. This is significant not only because it is a recognition for her personal contributions in the private security industry in Nigeria, she is a cofounder of Transworld Security Systems and had been the Managing Director for decades.

“She has held several leadership positions in different security bodies like ASSIS, AISON, and has even been a board member of ASIS International with responsibility for Africa. She is to be found as presenter on various topical security issues at several for a including national and international ones.

“A good example was the lecture she gave at The Forum platform in Port Harcourt that was televised internationally and broadcast on many social media platforms last year. She gave a clinical diagnosis and proffered feasible solutions to gnawing national security challenges in a very professional manner. It was no surprise that the International Foundation for Protection Officers and Security Magazine proudly awarded Dr. Victoria Ekhomu the Bill Zalud Memorial Award for Professional Excellence for 2023.

“On the achievement of these milestone awards, she had this to say:
“I am very encouraged by these awards and we shall continue to strive for excellence and positively impact our Security Industry”.”


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