The Many Gains Of The 4th Edition Of The Conference And Retreat Of Senior Police Officers

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By Adewole Kehinde

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The recently concluded 4th edition of the Conference and Retreat of Senior Police Officers has come and gone, but many useful resolutions were made that will change the orientation, welfare, and image of the Nigeria Police in a few months.

Imo State is lucky to have hosted the event twice. The first edition took place in Lagos in October 2019, while the second edition took place in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom state capital, on February 7–10, 2022, and the third and fourth editions took place in Owerri on October 18–21, 2022, and October 30th to November 1st, 2023.

Some of the resolutions of the conference and retreat include:


(a) Acknowledgement of the President’s commitment to supporting security agencies and critical stakeholders in providing a secure and safe civil space to facilitate economic growth and development.

(b) Identification of cyber-related crimes as the prevailing trend in the country, emphasising the necessity of high-tech tools, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, to combat these crimes effectively.

(c) Encouragement for the Nigeria Police Force to expand its use of enhanced technology tools, including the expansion of the NPF National Cybercrime Centre to FCID Annexes and State Commands’ CIDs across the country.

(d) Emphasised the significance of personnel remuneration and training in enabling the Force to carry out its duties effectively and efficiently.

(e) The need to educate officers at all levels about social media tools and skills to enhance strategic communications and engagement with the nation’s youth.

(f) Call for special funding of the Nigeria Police Force by the Federal and State Governments and private and corporate bodies, with the National Assembly urged to facilitate a bill to review the existing

Police Trust Fund for adequacy and reasonable use.

(g) recognition of the importance of collaboration among security agencies and the appeal for continued professionalism and cooperation.

(h) Encouragement for the Federal Government to support and equip the Nigeria Police Force to enhance operational capabilities

(i) acknowledgement of the increasing role of the Nigeria Police Force in INTERPOL affairs, urging its sustained involvement.

(j) Recommendation to consider including heads of security agencies, particularly the Inspector-General of Police, in the National Economic Council to integrate security perspectives into the nation’s strategic economic policies.

(k) Appreciation of the Inspector-General of Police’s leadership in advancing community policing and the call for special funding to implement this strategy.

(l) recognised the need and effort to mainstream gender equality in the affairs of the Nigeria Police Force.

(m) The IGP’s Special Committee, under the leadership of the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Department of Finance and Administration, to conclude the review of the draft Harmonised

Condition of Service for the Nigeria Police Force by the end of the fourth quarter of 2023

(n) The acquisition of an electronic case management system to ensure digitization of all case files and other legacy documents at the Force Criminal Investigations Department for posterity and enduring institutional memory is sacrosanct.

(o) The Federal Government of Nigeria to provide adequate funding for the training of police personnel to improve their capacity for effective crime prevention, enhanced public safety, and quality service delivery to Nigerians.

(p) Collaboration of the Nigeria Police Force with the Police Service Commission to ensure resuscitation of development, refresher, and promotion courses for the Inspectorate and rank/file cadres

(q) The Police Pension Scheme Board should be constituted in such a way as to fully involve competent police officers in the running of the pension scheme, while the Board is to be administratively overseen by the Inspector-General of Police on behalf of the government.

(r) Recommendation of the exit of the Nigeria Police Force from the Contributory Pension Scheme and reversion to the amended Defined Benefit Scheme

(s) It is sacrosanct that the Nigeria Police Force set in place a technology and digital transformation strategy document.

(t) It is also imperative for the Nigeria Police Force to set up a cybersecurity management strategy document.

(u) Expressions of appreciation for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Executive Governor of Imo State, Sen. Hope Uzodimma, and the leadership of the Nigeria Police Force for their commitment to the reform project and the security of the nation.

The 4th Annual Conference and Retreat of the Nigeria Police Force for Senior Police Officers came with many objectives, which include:

1. Knowledge sharing: The Senior Police Officers Conference promoted the exchange of ideas, best practices, and cutting-edge research within the field of security. Participants learned about the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in various areas of security.

2. Networking: The conference provided an opportunity for professionals, researchers, and experts in the security industry to connect and build relationships.

3. Education and training: The Senior Police Officers Conference also offers presentation sessions designed to enhance attendees’ knowledge and skills in different aspects of security. This will definitely help individuals develop professionally and stay updated with the evolving nature of security challenges.

4. Industry insight: The Senior Police Officers conferences provided a platform to gain insights into the current state of security, including emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Keynote speeches, panel discussions, and presentations by industry leaders can shed light on global security issues, trends, and potential solutions.

5. Collaboration and partnerships: The Senior Police Officers also facilitated collaboration between different stakeholders, including academia, industry, government agencies, and law enforcement. Interactions at these events lead to partnerships and collaborations aimed at tackling security challenges collectively.

At the end of the conference and retreat, it created a vibrant and inclusive community where professionals learned, shared knowledge, networked, and collaborated aimed at improving security practices and addressing emerging threats.

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