Sujimoto Meets With a Rare Gem, The Mayor of FCT – Minister of State, DR. (Mrs) Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu – By Sijibomi Ogundele

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“We have not led until we stamp our footprints in the sands of history” – Dr. (Mrs) Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu

  It is true what they say that there is no force equal to a woman determined to make an impact in the lives of her people! I have heard about her strength of character and no nonsense reputation for getting results, her doggedness reminds me of my mother who always says to me that ” when people say you can’t, they say so because their self-expectation is lower than your imagination”. Today, I finally got to meet this great patriot, a true leader of the people, Dr. (Mrs.) Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu, the Honourable Minister of State for the FCT.

  “A woman with the ability of 4 men”, this Passionate Political Princess of Kogi State has proven that success is no respecter of gender but only favours hard work, tenacity and purpose. We spoke about numerous projects and subjects, from real-estate to the realities and difficulties facing our great nation; her passion for gender equality, empowerment and her vision to turn Abuja into a small Dubai. “We will not be known as the capital of mass housing, when we can transform Abuja into the luxury capital of Africa”.

  I told her about our vision as a company, and why we have answered the call of the people to bring the Sujimoto stamp of quality to the center of Abuja. I told her about how I grew up in Zaria and how the influence of Queen Amina of Zaria impacted me in building my leadership skills.

  A meeting of 15 minutes lasted 3 hours because of the synergy in our thinking and vision. Hajiya is a no respecter of mediocrity, you can glimpse this in her personality and in the incredible projects she has embarked upon. From the floating Luxury Tourist attraction Water Park of Jabi, to the Abuja Diamond City – a vison that’s meant to merge luxury and class into one space. A new city within a city that will become the industrial hub where from Automobile to Information technology, every forward thinking Entrepreneur will make this new city their first choice. I still remember her exact words: “Suji if this must be done, it must be done NOW!”

  The excitement in her voice as she explains her vision for Abuja made me realized that success is not accidental, neither is it served ala carte, you have to go for it! What I see in her Excellency – especially in her DO-IT-NOW spirit, and her never-say-never attitude, tells us that this country still has a future. Either you are a man or woman, young or old, Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba, the only thing that separates leaders from others, winners from losers, is their dedication and perseverance in bringing true change into anything they do.

  As I sat to listen to her, I was impressed by her vision not only for FCT in particular but for Nigeria as a nation. A multilinguistic whose Yoruba could convince anyone from the heart of Ibadan or her Hausa dialect that pacifies and unifies people from the depth of Borno.

  In my opinion, Dr. (Mrs) Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu is more than just a politician, she embodies the motomatician philosophy of ‘talk and do’. Her Entrepreneurial skills and her emergence on the political horizon of Nigeria is indeed not a mistake! From her appointment as Special Adviser on Women Affairs, Youth and Social Development to FCT minister of state, she represents a new age of politicians who are deploying their technocrat expertise in creating innovative policies and taking the responsibility for effecting change in our society.

  We shall never quickly forget her strategic partnership with other organizations, which resulted in the impacting over 18,000 Nigerians during the Skills Intervention Program. Not forgetting her empathetic leadership quality courage in putting together different organisations to distribute relief materials to over 600,000 families.

  I left the place overwhelmed and hopeful for the future of our great nation. As an employer of labour, there are 3 fundamental leadership qualities I look out for in my Directors – skill, integrity and passion. If Nigeria Plc. was my company, I will vote Hajiya as my CEO!


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