RRS coach officers on use of firearms


Policemen in Lagos State and other parts of the country have been advised to always gauge their actions in the cause of maintaining law and order as its consequences could make them become the arrested.

  The advice was given today at the Lagos State Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja by the Commissioner of Police in charge of the Federal Special Anti – Robbery Squad (FSARS), CP Fiminhan Adeoye at a workshop on “PLAN Principle and De-escalation of Crisis”.

  CP Adeoye, stated that the repercussions of some of the actions of policemen may be visited on the entire police population citing the example of on – going global condemnation of Minneapolis officer on the death of George Floyd.

  The police boss reminded policemen of their primary responsibilities of protection of lives and property as well as prevention of crime, adding that they must always protect the rights of the people.

  He warned that inappropriate use of force could greatly violate the right of citizens, who they are meant and paid to protect.

  He cautioned the police officers against using armed and unarmed forces without considering the: proportionality, legality, accountability and necessity of such actions as enshrined in police Revised Force Order 237.

  The CP told the policemen that they must always consider the procedures guiding the use of firearms by any policeman during any operation.

“You must have exhausted all the non – violence means like dialogue before resorting to the use of force and arms. You must also know when to cease the use force and arms”, he said. 

  Also speaking at the workshop is a Chief-Lecturer from the Nigerian Institute Of Joirnalism, Dr. Jide Johnson who advised officers on use of community engagement and personal responsibilities.

  Dr. Johnson also emphasised on the perception of the public about police operations and how it affects their cooperation in creating a safe society. 

  “Officers, who are always eager to use force, always find themselves in trouble and they also violate the right of other people in the process”, he added.

  In his remark, Commander, Rapid Response Squad (RRS), DCP Olatunji Disu stressed that the workshop is one in the series of training the agency has lined for the officers of the squad to deepen their professionalism and forestall inappropriate use of force by the officers.

  He maintained that the squad has made a major duty to continually remind the officers of their major responsibilities and keep them abreast of the global best practice in policing.

  He urged the officers to continue to be guided by police regulations in their actions and always assist those in  need of their assistance.

  Also In attendance at the event is the Executive Secretary, Lagos State Security Trust Fund (LSSTF), Dr. Abdur – razaq Balogun.


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