Rotary Club of Falomo renovates Lamgbasa health centre, plants tree

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July 25, 2020. RAZORNEWS

The Rotary Club of Falomo has inaugurated the newly renovated Lamgbasa Health centre, which it renovated.

  The health facility was yesterday inaugurated by the club’s District Governor (DG), Bola Oyebade at Lamgbasa town, Ajah.

  The Club also planted some Trees within the health centre facility.

  According to the DG, Oyebade, Rotary Club is committed towards improving the lives of the common man.

  “The Rotary Club of Falomo has adopted this particular health center and what it means is that the project we are doing now is one of those things that needs to be done. There is still handful of projects done, which have been show to us this afternoon and the Rotary Club of Falomo would live up to the challenge they have given them and support members of this particular health center”, he said.

  Speaking on tree planting and other projects embarked by the club at the medical centre, the DG said, “Tree planting supports our oxygen, we should not allow our environment go deserted and that is why we need to plant tree, not only in July which is the specific month for tree planting, but in all the month all year round.

The other aspect of it is the renovation of this particular facility, in which the members of Rotary Club of Falomo have made possible and from what we have seen are children with their mothers after have come for various health issue.

  “The Rotary Club of Falomo is one of the leading clubs in our District. They have over 200 members and what that means is that by all means, they are just one of the large clubs not only in Lagos and Ogun state which are District 9110, but also in Nigeria. So they are indeed doing what Rotary expects of a club and we are indeed proud of them at the District level.

  “This particular facility, the Lamgbasa Primary health center has been desolate for a while and what the Rotary Club of Falomo has done is identify the facility and try to add the little they can, like we all know, no matter how small you add, that little small that you have added would be a deduction from the big one that is supposed to be done and that is exactly what the Rotary Club of Falomo has done. They have lit a light rather than wait in the dark.”

  According to the President of Rotary Club of Falomo, Mr. Peter Nwaochei,  “With planting of tree, the issue of erosion, soil degradation is very key, it can also help to prevent them. One of those things they use in preventing erosion are things that has to do with trees”.

  He urged Nigerians to maintain all the safety protocol to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus. It is only an individual is alive that he can do business, and it is very key.

“Nigerians should please stay alive to do that business, make that money and eat good food.

Covid-19 is not a fluke, it is real. It is very key that everybody stay safe, it is real, don’t believe what people are saying that it is scam. It is real, people are dying in their numbers, the media is under reporting the deaths.

  “Covid-19 has actually exposed a lot of countries and Nigeria is among. Our medical facilities and hospitals must be taken care of, this is why Rotary Club of Falomo has taking it upon yourselves to renovate this facility in a community in Ajah. They said Health is wealth, it is only those who are alive that can do other business”.

According to the Acting MOH, Eti Osa LCDA, Dr. Babalola Oluwatobi, “I must confess that if you look at the pre and the post pictures of this place you would discover that there is a great and significant change and what this just tells us is that simple maintenance would go a long way in making a facility to be beautiful and would also increase accessibility and people, of course when you see a beautiful place you would want to believe in the quality of service that would be rendered in that facility.

  “With the assistant of the officer in charge of this place and then with my supervisory role, we would always keep maintaining the facilities.

Immediate past president, Rotary Club of Falomo,

Julie Nkanga, said:  “We are very impressed and I am happy to see the Generator donated one year ago still functioning and I am even impressed that we are even continuing, that Rotary we move from year to year continuing in every project we do.

  “I am happy that we are continuing here, we are still adopting here this Rotary year and we are going to do more, after this, the next plan is to sink a borehole here.

Last Rotary year in my year as the president, we sank borehole at Badore PHC and this year we are going to do one here”.


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