Rider lottery launches Daily million, Lucky lady and Food basket into Nigeria’s lotto market

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Rider lottery, an online lottery enterprise Powered by ridder software Nigeria Limited. Is out with three exciting lotto products
Geared  towards giving Nigerians opportunity to become millionaire through lottery .
In its latest press Release, the management of Rider lottery stated that rider lottery has entered the Nigerian lottery market with the UK model of National lottery In which several people have benefited through lottery to improve their income and impart on their lifestyle thereby improving on their revenue
The lottery which is basically for adults from 18 years and above as done globally is now in Nigeria..
The three brand new products played with 6 numbers in a set played within numbers one to forty nine in 3 straight lines is generated by a power ball machine in a very transparent and open method gives Nigerians the  opportunity of becoming a millionaire dail Prospective player’s are advised to visit ..www.ridderlottery.com and play now
The maiden draw and lunch will take effect on 28th September 2019 and will be streamed live on all the social media handles. There’s a special bonus number for prospective players on the first draw. According to the chairman of (Ridder Sports Software Nig Limited) Mr Ola Omotoso “i’m excited to alleviate poverty in
 Nigerians through rider lottery..”he stated
The chances of becoming millionaire through
Daily millions _which plays daily
Lucky Lady_ Plays every Wednesdays
Food basket_ Plays every Saturdays
With a twice daily draw, begins from Now. Players are advice to start playing now to increase their chances of winning daily millions.


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