Omu Anioma Showers General Ochei With Encomiums On His Birthday

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By Patrick Ochei

The Royal Mother of Anioma Nation and Global Icon of Culture, Her Royal Majesty Obi Martha Dunkwu, has congratulated the illustrious Army General from Onicha-Olona, Maj. Gen. Raymond Ochei on his birth anniversary.

Omu Dunkwu who is a special mother to General Ochei, eulogized him with sweet comments in celebration of the awesome military expert.

According to her, “Leadership cannot be taught in a two weeks training course. It is impossible to teach conviction. How many people have the deep-rooted belief in the value of what they are doing and can communicate it to others so they will follow? How many leaders in business, politics or otherwise can you identify and honestly say that ‘They are guided by faith and matchless fortitude?’ as John Milton declared of Oliver Cromwell.

“Major General Raymond Ochei is such a leader. A gentleman, a true patriot doing everything humanly possible to protect our country. A distinguished and highly achieved son of Anioma Nation. He gives unselfishly, helps where help is needed. An exemplary human being with rare and uncommon generosity and kindness.

“The people’s General. My own General. The road that connects us goes to the River and it will never close, because water is life. Long life, good health, peace, joy, more progress is your portion by the Grace of God Almighty and our Great Ancestors. You will see your children’s children’s children’s children.

“Happy Birthday my own General”, Omu Anioma declared.


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