Omosede Igbinedion Throws Birthday Party in US for Son at 10

Hon. Omosede and son, Prince Alexander Akenzua
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Like her siblings, light skinned beautiful daughter of Esama of Benin Kingdom, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, Omosede, has taken advantage of the great back ground fate bestowed on her to make life beautiful for herself. Courtesy of her money bag father, Omosede went through some of the best learning environments from her cradle to the point where she was able to choose a career for herself.

She is a law graduate of one of the prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. She may have lost out in her bid to return to the lower chambers of the National Assembly during the last general elections but it is on record the chubby lady was the youngest female lawmaker at the Green Chamber in the 8th Assembly. This height she was equally able to attain at the instance of her father’s clout. So, it will not be out of place to say Omosede is lucky to have come to the world through lady Cherry and one of the most influential personalities in Edo State, the Esama.

As it is known there is never a cloud without some dark parts, Omosede has also had her own fair share of the pain life could offer. Her marriage to a young man who is also from a well-to-do and noble background, also in Edo, didn’t stand the test of time

The occurrence may have saddened this lawyer turned politician but certainly, she sure made something that could be described as her source of happiness from the wrecked marriage. It is almost impossible to know Omosede or watch her from afar without knowing her son from the Akenzua; Prince Alexander really makes her happy. Even to say her world is built around Alexander is an understatement as it is written all over her the teen is her world. With uncommon care and attention Alexander is showered with, only royally could be that lucky. The pampered Omosede’s bundle of Joy just turned 10 and expectedly, this has placed her over the moon such that she is doing everything to make the birthday remarkable and indelible in the mind of the young Prince. To show how excited she is, Omosede decided to celebrate the 10th birthday anniversary for her son in Donald Trump’s country, United States of America where they are still relishing euphoria of the birthday anniversary. 


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