Ned Is Solution Personified, By Patrick Ochei

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Most times we crack our brains searching for solutions to a challenge. Life is all about problems and challenges; but success comes when a meticulous attention is given to a task and impeccable result can only come from a focused intellectual point of view to a challenge.

I have been in fora where men brainstorm and commit energy and time to finding solutions to issues. Sometimes their effort yields result, sometimes it doesn’t.

But I have also seen one man who is a solution personality. And that is Prince Ned Nwoko. He is so graced, gifted and solution personified. When he identifies a challenge, he goes after it frontally and result comes magically no matter how gigantic and Herculean the task is.

Such a man is a big sought after globally. Indeed he is a global Pathfinder, making inroads into difficult terrains that border on humanity, education, sports and health to help the world recreate a better environment. Men of his class are scarce in mere communities and villages.

However, Ned is a home man. A man with so much love for his community; we can conveniently call him an international local man.

Come to think of it, after he acquired a western education and set up an international law firm in the UK, he could stay back in UK and keep leveraging on his international contacts from there and life would go on. May be we could be hearing of one Ned Nwoko if privileged to watch and listen to international media channels and we would be saying, that man could be an African. He could even be a Nigerian.

Idumuje-Ugboko may never come to mind. It’s too infinitesimal to think of it. Where will it ever come out to be heard of in the world map?

But one man made it possible when he decided to remember he came from a community called Ugboko, a district called Anioma and a country called Nigeria and to give back to that community, that district and that country. He is a man who knows how to play home.

Today, through one man’s effort, the local village, Idumuje-Ugboko has come to be known world over. Ned Nwoko made it possible. He put his community in the global map.

Aside citing a premier sports University, one of such in sub Saharan Africa in Ugboko, the projection and promotion of the name Idumuje-Ugboko on a global scale is awesome and mind-blowing.

Today, when you talk about the project Malaria Eradication in Africa, you definitely will refer to the man driving the process, who is from Idumuje-Ugboko in Aniocha North LGA of Delta State. When he started the project, some pundits thought it was a joke, but today the world is fighting Covid-19 that has killed about four hundred and thirty thousand people when Malaria kills one to three million people annually. See Malaria, see Covid-19; see one man’s effort and see the efforts of world leaders.

Ned Nwoko made it possible for his people to enjoy good networks of road, both as a federal project, NDDC project, State project and the one he rehabilitated on his own.

Majority of families in Ugboko and beyond are on life support, courtesy of Ned Nwoko. Be it in salaries, monthly stipends, scholarships, skills and entrepreneurial empowerments and what have you.

What is paramount today and needs urgent solution is peace. Peace in Idumuje-Ugboko. And we have full confidence that the solution is not far fetched if the Obi designate could come down from his high horses and embrace his illustrious cousin who means well for the community.

You can’t fight Prince Ned Nwoko and achieve peace in your kingdom. Neither can you desire development in a kingdom where the torch bearer is being chased away on flimsy grounds. The change that is desired can come only through an atmosphere of peace and through the man who illuminates light – Prince Ned Nwoko.

Prince Ned Nwoko brought the STARS University to benefit his community in economic terms. Why contest land with him? Why the choice of a fallow land over a perpetual development through a legacy University project? The land in question he bought and paid for. Some issues are better not tagged witchcraft. But we must all move forward with this progressive minded individual to develop Ugboko and reap the benefits here and after.

Patrick Ochei wrote from Asaba


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