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By Laurence Chukwudi Izegbu

Dr. Bone Efoziem Chinye can best be described as the new millennium collosus of security and surveillance.

He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Strict Guards, a national provider of expertise and manpower in security, intelligence, surveillance, private protection, VIP safety and general security needs.

Dr. Bone Efoziem Chinye hails from Idumu Nwani Qtrs in Umuolo Village, Onicha-Ugbo, though he resides in Lagos .

Under his pragmatic headship, Strict Guards has continued to develop innovative security services aimed at preserving their customers and delivering sustainable growth to the company.

Bone is a very kind-hearted, humorous and altruistic gentleman with a 24-hour level-headed disposition.

Due to his benevolence, he has remained the top employer of Onicha-Ugbo youths. His company boasts of the highest number of Onicha-Ugbo indigenes on its staff pay roll.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that the youths idolize Dr. Bone as an essential provider for families in Onicha-Ugbo.

Strict Guards Security under Dr Bone’s guidance has developed strategies and solutions that have raised the bar ridiculously high as far as the world of security and signal intelligence is concerned.

Surprisingly, in spite of Dr. Bone’s experience and landmarks in this field, he has remained ever as zealous for knowledge as he was at the commencement of his security outfit.

It was this humble, teachable spirit which had him enrolling for further studies on security. In 2018, the security maven bagged his Masters in Security and Intelligence Studies from the prestigious University of Lagos.

What is next in line for this unstoppable security Czar?

As the years roll by, it is certain that Dr. Bone would look ahead to further enhance his capabilities in areas like analytics and digital surveillance to handle clients’ security situations more proficiently.

By aligning his company’s value and services with client priorities, Dr. Bone has firmly belted his position in the cockpit of leadership in security services.

Technically speaking, 2020 could be the biggest year yet for Strict Guards Security. Companies and individuals seeking to reposition their activities post-Covid-19 would need his services to ward off criminal elements.

As a growth-focused CEO and team builder, Dr. Bone Efoziem Chinye is likely to seek virgin pastures by opening more branches within his base, and beyond.

It is evident that Bone ’s investments in trainings, along with his continued focus on strengthening sustainability have given him the giraffe advantage over like-minded entrepreneurs.

Dr. Bone continues to garner wide admiration whenever he speaks as an expert during security conferences and risk management summits.

Dr Bone Chinye is happily married with children.

Cilpress celebrates Dr. Bone Efoziem Chinye’s attainments today and wishes him success in all his endeavours.


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