How ace DPO, CSP Oyin saved station from being razed

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By RAZORNEWS NIGERIA| October 29, 2020

It is often said that leadership entails discretion to make things work for good. This is what the DPO of Aswani Police Division under the Lagos State Command, CSP Oyin Francess, did to save her station from destruction by hoodlums.
The DPO, Oyin, did not only cook, she also served the area boys food and ate with them in order to achieve her aim of protecting her station.

The idea worked perfectly because the area boys automatically joined the Police to protect the Station from the hands of the arsonists on rampage following the #EndSARS protest, which later turned violent.

Oyin is a multiple award winning police officer loved by members of the communities where she serves.

Her expertise in community policing has endeared her to citizens.


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