Hardship: Oluwo Talks Tough, Hits Local Manufacturers, Saboteurs

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Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi has urged economic saboteurs in the country to retrace their steps.

The monarch made the disclosure in a statement by his chief press secretary Alli Ibraheem.

According to him, “Patriotism is a virtue. Allowing local productions should not be at the disadvantage of Nigerians. Saboteurs and their agents have to fear God. The handwriting is understandable. It’s visible to the blind. If Nigerians are hungry and angry, the saboteurs should not be exonerated. They are liable.

“A few weeks to the general election, they withdrew naira cash from circulation to frustrate an aspirant. Innocent Nigerians were starved. Nigerians rendered abject despite having their monies in banks. The targeted candidate emerged convincingly. The saboteurs regrouped using local manufacturers.

“They are hoarding foods to create shortage unavoidably leading to astronomical inflation. Their plan is to incite Nigerians against the government. Saboteurs are not God. They should allow President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to lift Nigeria and Nigerians.

“The purpose of allowing local productions to flourish has been abused. Competition should be allowed on certain goods. When there is commercial rivalry and no monopolistic tendency, producers will forcefully be checkmated. The government of Tinubu should take the same brave decision on local producers being used by the saboteurs to discredit his administration.

“For instance, Nigerians couldn’t’t imagine a 50kg of cement sold for #10,000 when materials needed for it production are locally sourced. The incredibles are happening. Is the government responsible for such as well? Nigerians are enjoined to understand the economic environment before apportioning every blame on government.

“How I wish Nigerians can alternative cement with mud. Every locally made materials inflating at jet speed should be alternated. Nigerians should stop buying cement.

“Now the chips are down, every patriotic Nigerian should offer solution to the identified problems. I’m not exonerating the government but the saboteurs are at the centre. Their intention should be crushed. The populace should discuss them as well.

“I’ve read the reactions of many Nigerians including the Northern leaders. Every patriotic Nigerian will not forget in haste the liabilities left by the immediate administration. Imputing the blame of economic woe of previous administration on the new government is uncharitable. Northern elders should instead encourage their youth to double their interest in agriculture.

“President Tinubu led administration will undoubtedly succeed. His success is what will interest and prosper my subjects. He is a Yoruba man blessed with administrative prowess. I’ve no doubt in his capacity. He knows what is happening and will decisively deal with actors and actresses. He is a nationalist.

“We will all live to see the end of the protagonist and the antagonist. Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve. I pledge to be faithful to it, to defend her honour and glory. Tinubu will succeed, saboteurs will fail. I’m a Yoruba king and I will defend a right thinking President like Tinubu to the moon.”



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