‘FESTAC policemen who extorted Dubai-based Nigerian to face trial’  

Photo: by Channels
Photo: by Channels
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Lagos State Police Command has said it will to put a team of officers in FESTAC division who extorted N200,000 from a Dubai-based Nigerian through a Point-of-Sale (POS) machine on trial.
Lagos State police spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi, who disclosed this on telephone, noted that the entire team who committed the crime were now awaiting orderly room trial.
The Nigerian, who recently arrived in the country from Dubai, and was also heading home from the airport, had shared the story of how police officers in FESTAC town stopped him and extorted N200,000 from him.
#EndSARS promoter, Rinu, initially shared the story of the man on her Twitter handle.
She wrote, “A young Nigerian came back from the UAE this morning, took Uber from the airport to FESTAC & bumped into Nigerian police officers who profiled; unlawfully searched his phone, harassed & dragged him to their station. See why some of us haven’t removed #EndSARS from our displays?
“They forced him to write false statements without his lawyer, then proceeded to ask him to give them N5,000,000.
“He ended up paying N200,000 to end the mess. A young Nigerian comes back after years of being away and his first night in the country is filled with nightmares.”
The man later took to Twitter to reveal his identity and also recount how the incident happened.
According to Adejobi: “We have arrested all of them and the money recovered and returned to the man. The policemen will soon face trial and be punished. We have the whole team in the cell and they would be tried orderly room,” he said.
Adejobi, however, did not disclose if the DPO of FESTAC would also be tried along with them for what people called ‘lack of supervision.”


Source: The Guardian


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