EFCC Seeks Quality Parenting as Counter Measure Against Corruption

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Secretary to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Muhammad Hammajoda has tasked parents across the country to be more committed to the upbringing of their children and offer good examples in order to raise the bar of Integrity at home.

He gave this charge on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 while receiving members of the Advocacy for Positive Behavioral Patterns Initiative, AFPBPI, at the corporate headquarters of the EFCC in Abuja.

Hammajoda said the fight against corruption cannot be fought by the Commission alone and that it will require the involvement of parents, role models and other stakeholders.

“Let us be good examples to our young ones because our moral values have gone so bad,  in such a way that many youths are into many things like drugs, they tell lies, they are corrupt and out of control. Parents should be able to correct and call them to order by not only speaking to their children but also living by example, because children are very observant of their parents’ behaviors”, he said

He further stressed that the Commission prioritizes prevention initiatives against corruption, assuring that the EFCC was ready to cooperate and collaborate with them in creating awareness.

That is why we need people like you to be our foot soldiers to enable us reach out to schools because the change begins with them at a very young age” he said

That is why We need people like you to be our foot soldiers to enable us reach out to schools because the change begins with them at a very young age” he said

Speaking earlier, Director of the Campaign Team of AFPBPI, Mann Bamidele says that the purpose of the initiative is to mpact positively in the lives of children and youths by catching them young and sensitizing them against crimes especially  to enable them to have more useful directions in life.

“Part of the work of our NGO is to ensure that the Commission succeeds on its mandate, so we want to offer sensitization to the youths and children by imbibing good characters. All these values should be taught at a very young age to enable them to become better persons in society so that they will not end up in prison. We have also produced a handbook that will soon be available to youths and teenagers across the country. The handbook is meant to infuse in them positive attitudes especially against advance fee fraud and other societal menace” he said.

He further mentioned that they are willing to partner with the Commission in the areas of capacity- building of its resource personnels, sensitization of youths and active engagement of other layers of the society to the need for accountable practices.


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