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By Laurence Chukwudi Izegbu

Saturday, 31st July 2010 started out like every other normal day, but for Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Ojika who hail from Onicha-Ugbo, it turned out to be the saddest day of their lives.

They had honoured an invitation from Onicha-Ugbo Patriotic Union (OPU) for members to join Mr. Sylvester Offor at an award ceremony in Igbuzor. They were actually on their way back from that program when the fatal autocrash occurred – a careless driver rammed into the motorcycle bearing Judith and her husband at top speed.

Sadly, Judith’s husband died at the spot, while she was rushed to FMC Asaba where the struggle for her life commenced. As a result of the impact, one of her legs was badly damaged and had to be amputated after the doctors had battled with her treatment for 3 months.

Judith is a young, beautiful lady from Idumu – Eze Onicha in Ogbeobi. She used to be filled with so much vigour, vibrancy and aspirations for a bright future.

Little did she know what fate had in store for her.

As a result of her present condition, she has now been reduced from a petty business woman to an incapacitated mendicant with no hopes of training her children in school nor feeding.

During a recent interview about her plight,
she expressed her gratitude to few kind spirited people who had given her a helping hand in times past.

At the moment, Judith desperately needs a prosthetic leg (artificial legs), as well as a sustainable means of livelihood so that she can at least cater for her children in the absence of support.

This is a heart-rending and humble appeal to the good people of Onicha-Ugbo , OPU , Churches,Charity organisations etc to kindly give consideration to the plight of our sister who has been down for 10 years now.

We all know how difficult these times are, therefore we can imagine how it could be for someone who is now physically challenged, and with children to care for.

Please, let us open our hearts to this clarion call and provide any form of support which we possibly can.

Onicha-Ugbo people are well-known for love and solidarity; let us extend that hand of love this time to Judith so she can purchase that leg and live a better life.

Mrs. Judith Ojika can be reached on 08164865498
For donors, her account details are as follows:
Bank: .UBA
Account Name: JUDITH OJIKA
Account Number: 2101592305

Thank you immensely for your positive response. As we uplift another soul, may the Almighty likewise meet us all at our personal points of need. Amen.


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