Aero Contractor airline suspends operation over Covid-19

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Following Lagos State Government directives on enforcement of social distancing which limits the maximum number of persons who can be gathered at one location, at any point in time, to no more than 20 persons, management of the state-owned airline, Aero Contractors Ltd, has disclosed that it  is set to cancel all flight operations on its platform indefinitely, pending resolution of coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria.
It explained that the move was in obedience to state government directives and that it was also the company’s way of aiding Federal Government in its fight against the deadly global pandemic, coronavirus, in the nation.
Saying that covid-19 infection was a threat which ought to be taken seriously in the country, the airline management reiterated that implementation of preventive measures such as social distancing had become imperative so as to facilitate reduced spread of infection and thus, bring about prompt de-escalation of coronavirus health threat.
Speaking through a statement released to pressmen on Wednesday, Aero Contractors stated that its move was expected to reduce incidence of the infection in the country, force Nigerians to stay and follow laid down no-travel guidelines, and nullify possibility of spread of the disease on any of the airline’s flights.
It added that cancellation operations would be in effect for two weeks following which coronavirus situation in the country would be oserved with aim to decide if it would be safe to re-commence their regular activities or extend suspension period till the health threat was dissolved.
The management, while appealing to their customers for inconviniences which the decision was expected to cause, added that it was however necessary to ensure safety of their customers and staff, and expressed hope that the coronavirus situation would be put under control as soon as possible.
“Coronavirus, known as COVID-19 is a global threat to our humanity and considering its devastating effect on many countries where it has led to death of thousands of people, we have decided to make this onerous sacrifice by suspending our flight operations for two weeks, effective Midnight 26th March, 2020. After the two week duration, we will review the progress made and take a decision on resumption of operations”.
The company management assured Nigerians of the company’s commitment to giving stellar service to its customers, and added that such decision was in cognizance with the tennets of corporate responsibility, and that it was in the best interests of all persons.


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