65 Hearty Cheers To Omu Anioma

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Hurray, today is the 65th birthday anniversary of a cerebral prototype woman of the 22nd century, a Quintessence in Existence, a pragmatic Royal Image Maker, a well groomed traditional exemplar, a philanthropist par excellence, a culture Colossus and an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, Her Royal Majesty Obi Martha Dunkwu (Omu Anioma).

In my years of media practice, I have met men and women of Timbre and Calibre; but of Omu Anioma, I met an exceptional human being. She is magnetic, she attracts things to herself with the intention of turning such around for good or making better if hitherto not good enough. Like the story of Jacob and the Angel in the Bible; no one comes in contact with Omu Anioma and lets her go, except such becomes a beneficiary from her sanctuary of knowledge.

Your Majesty, you have left indelible footprints in the sand of time. In another century, I doubt if any woman of your class can fit into the shoe you are going to leave behind. Your legacies are quantum and may take another special creation to write off.

I celebrate you today. I join millions of your fans all over the world to wish you a happy birthday. I join numerous of those you have transformed to say thank you. I join the millions of youths you had given hope to live and to trudge on to say surely our memory of you will never fade when we get to that beautiful point of destiny. I am a Testimony!

You were chosen and crowned the Omu Okpanam in 2002. Your classy activities made you a cherished Queen Mother. And you attracted sons and daughters all over Anioma. As a result of this, you were crowned Omu Anioma in 2010 to help galvanize other Omus to stop the institution from sliding into extinction and perhaps you became an Ambassador of Anioma traditions and culture; thereby bringing Renaissance into it. You utilized your prowess in the media profession and like a whirlwind, the name Anioma became a household name with a very unique and spectacular identity.

Today, your fame had grown beyond Anioma, transcending into the East, West, North and the world at large. People all over the country are coming to identify with you. The UNICEF, European Union, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, German Government and notable organisations of the world are coming to identify with you.

And now, Eze Igwe Nsukka will later today crown you NNEOHA (Mother To All and Mother Without Borders). Hmmmmmm, other tribes and nations in Nigeria have become jealous of Anioma and also want a share of this awesome mother. The Igwe Nsukka was spurred after his encounter with you at the Rejenny Holiday Resort at Oba in Anambra State. He felt he would never let this relationship just go by without establishing an eternal connection, not only for his benefit but for all the South Eastern people and beyond. He said wherever he went in Nigeria, people asked him, “so you know that Queen Mother from Anioma that is always on red cap, we saw and read about both of you in the news, that woman is awesome? Hence that brought about this awesome coronation as NNEOHA, so that all of us can also have her as a Mother”. This is a wonderful birthday gift; the coronation of Omu Anioma as NNEOHA on the same day of her birth anniversary.

What can I say but to give God all the glory for your life. I have made a simple request of God for you – that He blesses you with constant sound health and mind, long life and more prosperity and above all, joy unspeakable.

Congratulations Your Majesty as you keep enjoying seasons of bliss. Cheers and cheers a 65 times.

Comr. (Dcn) Patrick Ochei is the NUJ Secretary, Delta State Council/Publisher, Anioma Trust Newspapers/Managing Editor, Integrity Watchdog Magazine/Child Rights Advocate and Media Aide To Omu Anioma.


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